My Online Media Use: Day 5

I had fairly minimal online usage today, and spent the majority of the day offline. However, I did use a GPS tracking app to track the length of a walk, played youtube videos and music through my apple tv and occasionally scrolled through social media.

I used the app ‘MapMyWalk’ to record the time and length of a walk I took with a friend today. The app did provide me with the opportunity to share the walk on my connected social media accounts, however I chose not to. While I did not choose to utilise this feature I think it’s valuable to note that the option is available and how easily it can be done. When you sign up for the app you connect to your Facebook account which then allows the user to share to Facebook through the app with a few taps.

I also played youtube videos and music videos onto my TV using my Apple TV. While on my phone, in the Youtube app, I would enter airplay mode so it would be shown and heard on the TV screen, this feature allowed me to share this content with friends I was in the room with. Instead of sitting around a movie, or showing them the videos on a phone or laptop we were all able to engage with the online content.

I believe behaviour such as this challenges the notion that online media use is a solitary experience. Sharing and consuming online media with others (either in live or online capacities) is becoming far more common. Most people will spend some of their time online engaging and communicating with people they know through the online space. Whether it be tagging friends in memes or videos, directly messaging via social platforms, or linking each other to content of interest, all of which I have engaged in in the past. As I did today, many people will also share the content or online media they are engaging with, with the people who are physically with them, this allows online media to span boundaries and create networks outside of the online space.


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